Coca-Cola recommend this workshop! – "Keep up the good work!" – Hilary Devey

About Laughter Therapy

Laughter Therapy

Laughter Therapy was established by John Hipkiss (Laughing John!) in 2009 with the aim of promoting Laughter Yoga, health and team building Laughter Therapy. Laughing John is a trained, insured and experienced Laughter Therapist.

If you are looking for a laughter therapy session for a particular event then what better way have fun!

“John provided us with an hour of sheer laughter therapy hilarity. Our stomach muscles ached, our smiles were broad and we all came away feeling happy. Thank you”
Nerys Chell, Director, Eden Hall Day Spas

His background is in music, consultancy, clowning and laughing!

He says:
“I love bringing laughter to people’s lives and introducing them to new ways to find hilarity, health and happiness!”

“What could be better than bringing people together laughing! I’ve seen it  break down barriers, instantly make people feel great and connected with each other! Laughter Therapy can be powerful and inspirational!”



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